Building a brand that lasts

That’s the goal of search engine optimization, and it’s the reason why so many successful companies – startups and corporates alike – take the time to do SEO right.

Most forms of marketing involve buying ads. Ads that, hopefully, make an impression in people’s minds. But ads will run as long as you’re paying for them. They turn off when the campaign is over. And at the end of the day, what was really built? What lasted?

Can you remember the last ad you saw? Can your customer?



Why SEO is different

First, because people see your listing only after they ask for it. Every search is the beginning of a conversation. They ask, you answer. And they started the conversation, which means they’ll be more open to hearing your answer and acting on it, whether they’re using a PC or a mobile phone.

Second, SEO is unique in that it builds over time. It does take a lot of time – several months in fact – to start seeing results. But then the results start happening, and keep happening. And you can build on those successes, improving your website(s) and anything your brand touches.


Nothing beats results

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