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Skypromote is not your typical "tag-and-link" SEO agency. We push the edge in a number of fields, all in an effort to better understand the Internet as a functioning ecosystem. And sometimes we get attention for it:

Wired recently featured, a Skypromote project that resulted in a first-of-its-kind home page for the Amazon Kindle.

Search Engine Land featured a series of articles by Sherwood on video content, with ideas for small and large companies.

Salon featured Skypromote in a piece about the growth of crowdsourcing and how it applies to search engine optimization.

The Christian Science Monitor quoted Sherwood about the use of Amazon web services to assign copywriting tasks to hundreds of workers - ideal for optimizing large portals and e-commerce sites.

Who would you be working with?

Sherwood Stranieri is the founder of Skypromote, and has been in the search industry since 1998.

Sherwood's background includes a number of top SEO agencies, where he formulated innovative strategies for the financial, high-tech, automotive and healthcare sectors. He's been a featured speaker at Search Engine Strategies and Digital Hollywood.

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