E-Commerce SEO Services

For e-commerce sites, SEO is like oxygen. No other source of traffic is as scalable, cost-effective, and proven to drive conversion. The key to optimizing e-commerce is to look at each area of the site – product pages, categories, and tools – to develop solutions that can be applied across the board.

(+) Site Audit

For e-commerce sites needing a fresh start in SEO, the Site Audit is the best place to start. The Site Audit is an analysis of every aspect of a website: its product catalog, the categories organizing it, and the platform tying it all together. The goal is to map-out obstacles to selling more product to more visitors, and to come-up with solutions that your team can implement.

(+) Traffic Loss Diagnostic

For e-commerce sites that have been hit by one of those infamous Google Updates, a Diagnostic is your best bet. The Diagnostic looks at key elements of your site’s analytics, code, and recent history. The goal here is to understand what triggered the drop, what repairs can be done quickly, and what can be done long term to make your website less vulnerable to future losses. We have experience with Google Analytics, Omniture, Conductor, and Brightedge, so we can work with your existing data to pinpoint issues.

(+) SKU Optimization

When supporting a large product catalog, you’re often forced to rely on manufacturers to supply you with product descriptions. Unfortunately, those same descriptions are being used by every other e-commerce site – putting you in direct hand-to-hand combat for Google’s attention. SKU Optimization helps you get out in front, by supplying you with unique content for key products in your catalog. Contact us to learn more about our unique, scalable process for optimizing products – even thousands of them.

(+) Product Review SEO

Product reviews are a great way to increase conversions and build-up valuable content. But third-party solutions have to be handled carefully, to ensure that your reviews are giving you the SEO boost you expect. Skypromote has helped to configure and optimize Bazaarvoice and other leading platforms, and can work with your team to implement reviews in a way that drives more SEO traffic.

(+) Social Media Optimization

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube: having one of everything is great, but are you getting value out of them? For some companies, social media becomes a bit of a junk drawer: a collection of useful things that rarely find a good use. Skypromote can help you find new uses for your social media accounts, both to drive social sharing and improve SEO performance.

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