Mobile Search

Phones with web browsers are everywhere, and the most common activity on a smartphone is search – just like on a PC. To reach mobile users today, you need a website that performs well in search engines. Skypromote can be your mobile search agency, mapping out the opportunities for both your apps and websites, ensuring that you make headway into this growing channel.

Mobile = Global

Mobile is also a gateway to global markets. In many countries, mobile internet is the primary method of access, so optimizing for mobile search is a great way to establish a beachhead in these markets.

 2013 mobile phone sales


Bridging the gap

Comparing mobile and desktop can be useful – to spot the similarities and the differences. Skypromote delivers monthly reports that allow mobile traffic to be compared to its desktop equivalent. Shown below is a sample from one of our clients:

seo reporting sample - desktop vs mobile traffic


The best way to understand mobile

Pick up your iPhone… and call Skypromote so we can map-out exactly how your business could benefit from mobile search marketing. Contact Sherwood Stranieri at Skypromote to discuss your needs:

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