How SEO Works

SEO is the science of fine-tuning your website so that search engines can understand it. SEO allows you to target the millions of consumers that use search engines, day-in and day-out.

SEO best practices can be incorporated into your everyday process. There’s no need for some heroic SEO project that drains your time and resources – just a steady hum of activity that gradually adds to your position in Google, one month after the next.

Redesign = opportunity

Site redesigns are your chance to strike while the iron is hot. Skypromote can apply SEO best practices throughout the process, to make the most of your site’s new messaging. We’ll also help you plan and build functional elements, to appeal to both the search engines themselves and their users.

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Plus: a huge bonus

SEO helps you align your business with customer, by providing keyword research that enables you to speak your customer’s language. Using the words that your customers use: that’s the secret to better SEO, better engagement, and better conversions.


Different verticals = different approaches

Every business is different. Skypromote focuses on finding creative, cost-effective ways to use SEO to support your specific goals:

  • Consumer brands need SEO to promote product lines, as well as provide reference materials to investors, journalists, and even bloggers. The best SEO strategies for brands run in parallel with broader marketing and PR programs.
  • Online retail needs SEO like oxygen. There is no other cost-effective source of traffic that can scale this well. The key to optimizing retail is to look at every area of the site – product pages, categories, shopping tools – and develop formula-based solutions that can be applied across the board. Learn more about our approach to e-commerce SEO.
  • Content publishers always need new readers. SEO is a foundational tactic for the most successful publishers, and the newest techniques for sharing content can be very effective at driving SEO performance.
  • B2B companies need to hit specific targets in order to generate qualified leads. To stay targeted, a company needs to know the language their customers speak, and make sure that terminology gets used on the website. Firms with parts catalogs also need to make sure that Google doesn’t ignore their inventory.
  • Non-profits depend on good SEO to support events, attract donations, and inform the public about the issues they represent. (By the way, Skypromote offers favorable rates to 501c3’s – tell us your needs and we’ll map-out some options for you.)
  • Professional practices such as doctors or real estate agents need SEO to hit similar targets. They also need to consider their customers’ search patterns. A family may search “schools in Lexington” long before they start searching “houses in Lexington”. We can show you how to catch customers early and often.

And everyone needs a call-to-action

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